Combining Sustainability and Technology for better School ERP!

A Small Care for Environment

Beginning of the Journey

Schoolsdunia is a tech-savvy venture of Epic Corporations Pvt Ltd., which was started in 2022. They had one aim- to offer the best app for online classes and school management at reasonable prices. Their user-friendly smart class software also promotes environmental welfare among the institutions. With lots of planning and upgrades, we have created dynamic, robust, and inclusive software for educational institutions. It complies with various learning systems and smart classes. The software focuses on making the overall functioning easier for all users.

Who are we?

Schoolsdunia is not just a basic school management software developer. It is like a technological odyssey directed towards conserving the environment. By creating cutting-edge software for the education domain, our team takes significant steps towards saving huge amounts of paper used in the institutions. It is proven that on average 500 Rims of paper is consumed by a small school or institute. This number rises to 2000 Rims when we talk about large colleges. Being sustainable inspired the creation of our Institute Management Software. Our objective is to reduce the consumption of papers in these entities and support eco-friendly conduct.

How does Schoolsdunia School Management System help?

Our Institute Management Software is set to lower the use of papers to over 95% in any type of educational institution. This is the future of conventional studying and learning methods. Not only does this software assist the management and administration in planning schedules. But, it also helps the parents or guardians in keeping a track of their child's progress. By taking all basic to crucial tasks online, this School Management System will make the regular functioning smoother for the users. It will also provide the software users access to stored information about a particular student, whenever needed.

Why Use Schoolsdunia?

Paperless system, Average in a small school 200 students capacity need min 500 rims of papers used in a year (1 paper manufacturing need to cut 0.00017 tree so 500*500*.00017= 42.5 Trees). We are trying to save our environment, trees, and wastage of money also.

1 Rim Cost= INR 200 = $ 2.77
500 rims cost= INR 100000.00 = $1389
our system cost only approx INR 25000.00 = $347